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Hardest part of job. It was hard for me to learn the job and I felt like I was a laughing stock. They never had me working, but I always showed up early and gave it my best. Productive and fairly face paced.


Some days were better than most. Dependent on how the numbers were going with the company. The worst part of the job was being able to get part time hours regularly.

Tuxedo department was under staffed. Productive fun family oriented work enviroment. I enjoyed working for the mens wearhouse. Working there help me grow as a young man. Also working there it taught me how to humble myself. Very laid back enviroment sometimes a little too laid back.

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Ok place. Good place to work if you are young and looking for a paycheck. Definitely not career, unless you're a store manager. Also depends on the area you are working in. Working here often was boring. Slow and easy money but wheres the excitement in that. Men's wearhouse is fine, but can improve. Men's wearhouse employs generally fun enjoyable people to work with. They take the time to get to know you as a person and make you feel welcome. However their management style is sloppy and inconsistent. This does not just go for one store, but most of them. The managers are never on the same page even while working in the same location.

No one communicates and as a result, it takes on a faulty workplace structure. As a student, I told them before I was hired that there would be specific hours that I would be in class and could not work. I also asked to be a part time employee, so I could still have time to study and do homework even when I'm not in class or work. Both of these statements were ignored.

I am constantly scheduled to work hours that I specifically asked not to be scheduled on because I would be at school. Once or twice is forgivable but this has happened too many times. Communication is lacking, hours are inconsistent. Management is poor. It was ok. Staff was friendly, customers are spoiled and rude.

Productive and friendly work environment. Mens Wearhouse offers amazing benefits and is a great work environment. They offer amazing sales training and opportunities to move up if you are a hard worker. Fast Paced Time flys relaxed enviroment.

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Day to day it was and all out challenge. Soon as the shift begins its a race to see how much production they can get out of you from station to station. Fortunately i was up to par with the speed so i didn't find this as an issue. The mangers not all over you back riding you just really allowed you to come to work zone out and do your thing. As a second job this was a great way to start to wind my work day down. Good Company. Various changes being made within the company that seems transparent and consistent and in the best interest of the employee.

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Company offers great benefits and fantastic start in the world of retail sales. New experience, learned a lot during my time. I was currently still in high school at the time and wanted to enjoy my senior year of high school and I could not do it while working. I did not want to miss any of my senior year events. Click the link in our bio for all the details. Knowing this little girl and her mama share the same love for these magical creatures! Can you spot Twiggy X? We played a game of hide and seek and we definitely think she WON! Sometimes the way in front of you is narrower than you think.

Sometimes the signs are red and it looks like the way is blocked for you. But it usually pays off, if you have a little patience, stick to it and do not just give up. Never Underestimate the power of a computer.

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